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DomeBase provides information on the new internet domain name extension .INFO

Introduction to .INFO:
Introduction to .INFO

Research, Studies, and Domain Discussion Sites:
Map: percentage of info domains compared with .com, .net .org and .biz
Study on Domain Extension Preferences by Country
DomeBase Study of Over 11,000 .INFO Sunrise Registrations
Actions for Addressing Remaining Bogus Sunrise .INFO Registrations
Addressing Sunrise Problems
Domain Name Journal - The Industry News Magazine
qShirts: Domain-Related Cartoons and T-Shirts

DomeBase in the News:
Wired, "ICANN to Add Three New Domains," Dec. 17, 2002
Internet News, ".INFO Doing Better than Expected," July 17, 2002
Washington Internet Daily, "Domain Names," July 11, 2002

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